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Awards Overview

Awards Overview

Joy of Design

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WallpaperWallpaper Specs

What You Should Do

New sets of values have been arising from social changes, which expands opportunities for our new lifestyle. What is the way of living a good cultural life? What is the position of wallpaper in this respect?

Wallpaper has its potential in playing an important role in our living space. It not just embraces us in the whole of space, but also exhilarates us in an artistic manner.
A small corner of a wall might be symbolic, just the pattern of a wallpaper may be able to create a cozy atmosphere, and its shade may change people's emotions.

Create a wallpaper based on the theme; "Joy of Design".
The design should be on the basis of the consideration of characteristics of the “wallpaper” as a product and “the space that presents the day-to-day activities and various scenes of the life of a person deep in your heart and mind.”

Wallpaper Specs
  • Wallpaper is an interior covering pasted onto walls and ceilings.
  • Designs themselves are not limited in size. Note, however, that wallpaper is a 92 cm wide sheet that comes packaged as a roll and is pasted one sheet at a time by aligning the edges of the newest sheet with those of the previous.
  • Voluminous effects that incorporate deep or complicated recesses/rises and the like do not work with wallpaper, but texture can be added by embossing or ink buildup.

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Judging Criteria

  1. 1. Whether the submitted artwork has new concept with an original design or not. (Product design)
  2. 2. Whether the submitted artwork was created from a point of view or ideas that envisions the intended atmosphere or users and the submission responds to said points effectively with impact or not. (Design of the idea)
  3. 3. Whether the submitted artwork is created with its wallpaper feasibility in consideration. (Potential for real product)

Judging Process

Preliminary Round :
Judging of submitted Projects (Planned for mid to late October)
>Project for Submission
Final Round :
Judging of presentations made by contestants who passed the Preliminary Round (Planned for mid-December in Tokyo)
  • * The Final Round is only for contestants who passed the Preliminary Round (Finalists).
  • * Finalists will be individually notified of the details of the Final Round.


Ryosuke Uehara

(Representative of KIGI Co., Ltd., Creative Director/Art Director)


Izumi Okayasu

(President of Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office, Lighting Designer)


Kentaro Yamazaki

(Representative Director of YAMAZAKI KENTARO DESIGN WORKSHOP Co., Ltd., Architect)


Nozomi Zama

(President of ZA Design Inc., Interior Designer)


Shosuke Yasuda

(CEO of Sangetsu Corporation)
* Chairman of Judging Committee

Awards & Prize

Grand Prize(1 entry)
1 millionyen
Award for Excellence
(1 entry)
Judges’ Award
(4 entries)
(for each winner)
Finalist Award
(multiple entries)
(for each finalist)
  • * All the finalists are awarded and given the prize money.
  • * Judges may determine that none of the submitted works are befitting a given award, in which case, results will be indicated as “No corresponding entry”.
  • * Sangetsu may develop products from winning works and other works that make it to the Final Round. For more information, see “Potential for Product Development”.
  • * Withholding tax and special income taxes for reconstruction will be deducted from prize money before conferral to winners. Finalist Award prize money not included.

Eligibility Requirements

The competition is available to all regardless of the company, organization, individual, group, age, gender, occupation and nationality.

  • * Finalists are requested to attend the Final Round and ceremony (winners announcement and awards conferral).
  • * Planned to be held in Tokyo mid-December.

Number of entries


Entry Deadline

Online entries accepted:
June 10 (Fri.) – 18:00 JST on September 30 (Fri.), 2022

  • * Projects must be submitted by October 11 (Tue.), 2022 Japan time.

Results Announcement

Preliminary Round Results :
Only contestants who pass the Preliminary Round will be notified. Notification will be sent by email in late October.
Final Round :
On the same day that finalists give their Final Round presentations, a ceremony will be held to announce winners and confer awards.
The winners will be announced on the official website.
Ryosuke Uehara
Representative of KIGI Co., Ltd.,
Creative Director/Art Director

Ryosuke Uehara was born in Hokkaido in 1972. After graduating in design from Tama Art University, he worked for the graphic design company DRAFT until, in 2012, founding KIGI with long-time collaborator Yoshie Watanabe. Over the years, Uehara has continuously sought new ways to be creative through artwork for businesses and brands, product design and “KIKOF”, a brand he launched in cohort with traditional handicraft artisans in Shiga Prefecture. In 2015, he opened an original shop and gallery called “OUR FAVOURITE SHOP” in Shirokane, Tokyo. Uehara also plans exhibitions and events, and puts a lot of energy into creating “places” for flaunting the imagination. His achievements include the Tokyo ADC Gran Prix, Members’ Award and 11th Kamekura Yusaki Award. In July 2017, he staged a large-scale solo exhibition at the Utsunomiya Museum of Art under the title of “KIGI WORK & FREE”. At the Daichi Art Festival “Hojokishiki” of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2018, he presented his work “Standing bar Yoigoma”. Uehara won the ADC Members’ Award in 2019 for a serial project he did with “Yoigoma”. He has won numerous awards, including the Tokyo ADC Gran Prix (2015), 11th Kamekura Yusaki Award, NY ADC GOLD, One Show Design GOLD at home and abroad. Uehara is a member of the Tokyo ADC, JAGDA and AGI.

Izumi Okayasu
President of Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office,
Lighting Designer

1972 Born in Kanagawa, Japan 1994 Graduated from Nihon University, institute of Agriculture of Machinery and ITL co.,LTD 2005 Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design Office

Kentaro Yamazaki
Representative Director of YAMAZAKI KENTARO DESIGN WORKSHOP Co., Ltd., Architect

Yamazaki designed Itoman Gyomin Shokudo constructed by piling Ryukyu limestone with residents in Okinawa, Hakusui Nursery School stair-like building by utilizing a slope, Hospice in Shinfuji filled with common scenery and ambience. He has won many awards in Japan and overseas, including the JIA Architecture Award, AIJ New Architect Award, iF DESIGN AWARD Gold. Yamazaki aims to design buildings that are not sensational but accepted by people from children to older adults as a part of their lives. Yamazaki is a part-time lecturer at Kogakuin University, Tokyo University of Science, Hosei University and Waseda University.

Nozomi Zama
President of ZA Design Inc., Interior Designer

After graduating from Musashino Art University, Department of Scenography and Space Design, Joined Hashimoto yukio design studio, ZAMA designed hotels, stores, wedding halls, etc in Japan and Overseas. ZA DESIGN inc. Is a space design office established in 2018. I want to create a new landscape by pondering what the true richness is and what it should be.


How to Enter

How to Enter

〈 Preliminary Round 〉
Online Entry

Complete the online entry process as explained below. You will be issued an entry number at the end.

* You will be sent a notification by email once you have completed the entry process. If you use filters to block domain names or spam, make sure ahead of time that your computer and cellphone are set to allow emails from

Online entry


Mail your submission to the following address.

Sangetsu Corporation
Attn: Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards
3-20-17 Higashi-shinagawa,Shinagawa-ku,

〈 Final Round 〉
  • * Only for contestants that pass the Preliminary Round

Only contestants that pass the Preliminary Round (finalists) will be notified of the schedule and other details of the Final Round. Notifications will be sent individually by email to each finalist.

Submission of Your Data
  • (1) Submit data for your work. Your work must be scaled to W920 mm x H1,850 mm in size. Sangetsu will print an actual size sample of your work.
  • (2) Submit your presentation video.
Presentations(Planned to be held in Tokyo in mid-December.)

First the presentation videos, which are submitted in the STEP 1 data, will be played. Then each finalist will go before the judges to answer questions from the judges.


June 10 (Fri.)

Entry acceptance opens.

September 30 (Fri.), 18:00 JST

Online entry closes.

October 11 (Tue.)

Deadline for submitting Projects (No exceptions)

Late October

Finalists selection and notification

Contestants that pass the Preliminary Round (finalists) will be individually notified by Sangetsu Secretariat.

Late October to early November

Submission of work data and presentation video (Finalists only)


Final Round (judging of presentations) and ceremony (winners announcement and awards conferral)

Project for Submission

〈 Preliminary Round 〉

You will need one artboard (Thickness between 1 mm and 5 mm) each in A2 and A3 sizes. Prepare the works and documents described in A to E, and submit Works [1] and [2] as a single project. For the documents in A, B, C and E, download and use the respective templates from the competition website. Print the templates in actual size; do not reduce them to fit smaller size paper.

You can download the project templates for A, B, C and E in batch.

Project Templates A, B, C and E(835KB)

Submissions (1):
A3 Landscape (W420 mm x H297 mm)

A. Illustration of Imagined Space

Draw a picture (perspective drawing, sketch, etc.) of the space where you imagine pasting your wallpaper.

B. 1/10 Scale Drawing of Your Wallpaper
(W92 mm x H185 mm)

Draw your design for a W920 mm x H1,850 mm sheet of wallpaper in 1/10 scale.

C. Work Information

Enter the required information (entry number, design concepts, etc.) where indicated on the template.

  • * Information may be provided in Japanese or English, but not any other languages.

Print Size
〈 A3 〉

Submissions (2):
A2 Landscape (W594 mm x H420 mm)

D. Your Design

A2 Landscape (W594 mm x H420 mm), One side only, x1
You may use any mode of expression.

  • * Template unavailable

Designs and patterns (CG, sketch, etc.) must be actual size.

E. Entry Numbers for Back Side / Checklist

Entry numbers and checklist to be affixed to the back of the artboard D. Please fill in the entry numbers and make a final check on the checklist to ensure that there are no mistakes in your submission.

Print Size
〈 A4 〉

You can download the project templates for A, B, C and E in batch.

Project Templates A, B, C and E(835KB)

Submissions (1)

A3 Landscape (W420 mm x H297 mm)

Submissions (2)

A2 Landscape (W594 mm x H420 mm)

Violation of regulations

〈 Final Round 〉
  • * Only contestants that pass the Preliminary Round (finalists) need to submit work data.

Only contestants that pass the Preliminary Round (finalists) will be notified of the schedule and other details of the Final Round. Notifications will be sent individually by email to each finalist.

Works and Documents to Prepare and Submit
  • Data for printing in actual size
    Prepare and submit data of the “B. 1/10 Scale Drawing of Your Wallpaper” that you prepared for the Preliminary Round, for printing in actual size (W920 mm x H1,850 mm) at 72 dpi or higher resolution.
  • Presentation video
    Prepare and submit a video of about two and a half minutes that explains the design concept of the work, etc.


Important Reminders about Your Design

  • As a product, wallpaper comes packaged as a 92 cm wide roll. Voluminous effects like deep recesses/rises cannot be used. For more information, see “Wallpaper Specs”.
  • If your work requires a specific material, indicate that in the design concept explanation box on the Entry Sheet.

Potential for Product Development

  • Sangetsu may develop products from winning works and other works that make it to the Final Round.
  • If your work is chosen for product development, you may be asked to take part in product development meetings and sign agreements on intellectual property rights, etc., which please note. Sangetsu will directly contact you with more information in that case.
  • Product development may require changes to your design and material due to production processes, standards, etc.

Submitted Works

  • Submitted works must meet all of the following criteria.
    1. [1] Are original works of the contestants.
    2. [2] Have not been already shown or announced domestically or internationally.
    3. [3] Are not any replica or similar to any other work.
    4. [4] Do not violate any laws or regulations regarding public order or otherwise.
    5. [5] Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights or other rights of others in any way, shape or form.
  • If submitted works or supporting documents (illustrations and drawings) are found to contravene any of the criteria in [1] thru [5] above, the contestant may be disqualified and, if such discovery is made after winners are announced, stripped of any awards and associated accolades. Moreover, the contestant will be responsible for solving any legal disputes that arise from the matter, as the competition organizer (Sangetsu) and its sponsors do not assume any responsibility whatsoever for related claims, etc.
  • All intellectual property rights to winning works (hereinafter called the upper winning works, except the Finalist Award winning works), excluding the rights set forth in Art. 27 and 28 of Japan’s Copyright Act, belong to the competition organizer. By entering this competition, the contestant relinquishes all moral rights to winning works. Compensation for those rights is fulfilled with prize money.
  • All intellectual property rights to other submitted works than the above upper winning works rest with the contestant. However, by entering this competition, the contestant agrees to allow the competition organizer to duplicate, publicly transmit, announce, exhibit and otherwise use the works and materials submitted for purposes related to this competition free of charge.
  • Submitted works may not be entered in other contests or competitions during the competition period of the Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards 2022, nor may they be publicly shown or announced without the expressed permission of the competition organizer.
  • The competition organizer takes every practical and reasonable measure to safeguard submitted works, but refutes any and all liability for damages or losses resulting from acts of god or unforeseeable accidents.
  • Submitted works shall not be returned. If required, make copies beforehand.
  • Minors must present written consent from a parent or guardian to receive awards.

Privacy Policy

The personal information of the applicant shall be managed by Sangetsu Corporation and only be used within the required scope for business communication, sharing event related news or statistical processing.

>Privacy Policy

Operation, Management

Promoter: Sangetsu Corporation

Contact Us
Attn: Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards Office, Sangetsu Corporation

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Project Templates A, B, C and E(835KB)