Let's recreate it.

A long time ago, man drew and painted animals and prayers on the walls of caves.
Great artists also made their presence on the walls of churches and residences.
Sometimes for propagandas, but for the statements of young people at other times.
The walls have become a creative field for people living in their ages.

Through creative walls, we are looking for new potentials of next-generation designs.

“Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards” has been renamed “Sangetsu Design Award”.

About the Sangetsu Design Award

Sangetsu provides products for various spaces, such as residences, commercial facilities, offices, hotels, and medical care and welfare facilities, and delivers the joy of people designing those spaces.
The company does not just supply the products, but also it helps people use them, design spaces, gather together there, have fun, and feel at ease.
With this as its role in society, Sangetsu has the brand concept of “Joy of Design”. Through the design and creativity, we assist you in creating an ambience for sharing your dreams.

And with our dream in mind, we launched the "Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards" event in 2017, and received many wallpaper designs from many applicants. This year's competition, the seventh time, will be reborn as the "Sangetsu Design Award," in hopes of "wall surface designs" that go beyond wallpaper designs.

In addition to broadening the potential of wallpaper, we are expecting you to come up with your original designs and ideas that are not framed by the category of wallpaper.

Announcement of Sangetsu Design Award 2024

The 8th Sangetsu Design Award is scheduled to be held around the fall of 2024.

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