Sangetsu Wallpaper Desugn Awards 2017




Joy of Design

Winners were selected from 506 works.
A new prize was set up as the "Encouragement Award", and
two "Honorable Mention" has selected instead of selecting three "Honorable Mention" by consensus.

The winning designs will be announced in the middle of September,
on this web site after the award ceremony held
on 29th August at SANGETSU Shinagawa Showroom.

Total number of entry: 506
Entry passed the first round judgement: 104

  • Grand Prize

    『mist (gold)』

    _Designer: Shigeru Yamada

  • Award for Wxcellence

    『kotei-sarenai kabegami』

    _Designer: Shingo Isobe

  • Honorable Mention

    『CMYK Rainbow』

    _Designer: Tiffany Loy

  • _Title

    『TO SPOT(tenn wo tsukeru)』

    _Designer: Frank la Rivière (Frank la Rivière, Architects inc.)

  • Encouragement Award 100,000 yen

    『amour doux』

    _Designer: Chizuru Mitsui

  • _Title


    _Designer: Hiroaki Tachibana (PHISDESIGN Inc.)

  • Sangetsu Award
    Will be announced on this web site after the award ceremony.

    There were a number of fascinating works other than the winning designs.
    We have decided to select "Sangetsu Award" as an extra prize which will be selected by Sangetsu employees.

Judging has held at Sangetsu Tokyo Branch office on a certain day in July.


Sangetsu provides interior decorating materials for various spaces, such as homes, commercial facilities, offices, hotels and medical care and welfare facilities in order to share with people the joy of designing spaces.
We do not just supply interior decorating materials. We design to bring joy and comfort to the space. This is the idea that underlies the role of the Sangetsu Corporation in the society, and we have strived to create a rich lifestyle and culture under the brand concept of the “Joy of Design.”
As part of our corporate activities, we are holding the “Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards” which is our first attempt.


Joy of Design

Offering the joy of design for people
to create new spaces

The joy of conceiving and creating an unprecedented commercial space or facility.
The joy of fulfilling the wishes for new lifestyle at a new home.
We are hoping to meet and make products from new wallpaper design concept that demonstrate a spatial effect.
We would love to see designs of products with beauty and functionality as well as designs imbued with fresh sensitivity, which enrich our spirit and living experience.
We invite you to work with Sangetsu to create the value of new designs.

Valid Entries


We accept any kind of idea and design for wallpaper that is appropriate for a new, space of upcoming days.
* There is no limit to the number of entries.

Eligibility Requirements

The competition is available to all regardless of the company, organization, individual, group, age, gender, occupation and nationality.

Awards & Prize

Grand Prize(1 entry)1 million yen

Award for Excellence(1 entry)500,000 yen

Honorable Mention(3 entries)200,000 yen

(for each winner)
  • The winning entry of the Grand Prize will be developed into a product.
  • The winner may be asked to participate in the product development meeting(s) during product development. The winner will be contacted separately with further details.
  • Other entries that did not win the Grand Prize may be considered for product development. In this situation, further details will be communicated separately.
  • During product development, the design may be adjusted due to the production method or due to standards, etc.
  • Taxes such as income tax (withheld at the source) or special income tax for reconstruction shall be subtracted from the total prize money that is paid.
  • There may be “No corresponding entry” for a particular prize. In addition, there may also be an additional award conferred, such as the “Judges’ Award.”
    The winners will be requested to attend the award ceremony. Details are to be confirmed in due course.
  • The winners will be requested to attend the award ceremony. Details are to be confirmed in due course.


Ryo Takarada

Ryo Takarada

Architect and CEO of the range design INC.


Shogo Kishino

Shogo Kishino

Graphic designer and CEO of 6D


Mitsuko Kuroda

Mitsuko Kuroda

Interior stylist, Laboratory office Mitsuko Kuroda


Shosuke Yasuda

Shosuke Yasuda

<Chairman of Judging Committee>
CEO of Sangetsu Corporation

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance to theme
  • Novelty and originality
  • Design excellence and effective impact on space
  • Consistency with concepts and ideas as a product proposal
  • Realness and persuasiveness of proposed description
  • Functional and figurative beauty as a product

Entry Period

Feb.1st (Wed) - Jun.30th (Fri), 2017
Must arrive no later than deadline

The submission period has ended.

Announcement of Results

The results shall be announced on this website in the beginning of August, 2017.
The winner will be contacted directly by the office.
*No information about the judges’ review or results will be provided until the day of the announcement.

Entry Guidelines

Entry Method

Send your entry to the following address.

301 Kanaya Hotel Mansion, 3-1-25 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0031
Attn: Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Award Office, Bamboo Media Co., Ltd.


Submissions should be completed with a set of following boards and entry sheet.

A. Design image – Presentation board A2 size landscape (W 594 mm × H 420 mm) – Single sheet, one side
There are no restrictions for the mode of expression in the board. Express the design or pattern (CG or sketch) in full size.

  • An illustration board (thickness – 1 mm or less) must be used for the presentation board.
  • Please read thoroughly “Special Notes on Design”.

B. Installed image – Spatial image A4 size landscape (W 297 mm × H 210 mm) – Single sheet, one side
Express a spatial image (perspective drawing or sketch, etc.) with the wallpaper.

C. Entry sheet A4 size landscape (W 297 mm × H 210 mm) – Single sheet, one side
Print out the downloaded entry sheet, fill out the requirements (including the design concept).

  • Only entries in Japanese or English will be accepted.

How to submit

  • ① Join a A3 size (portrait) illustration board to the right side of the presentation board[A](A2 landscape).
  • ② Affix the A4 size (landscape) Spatial image [B]to the upper half of the A3 size (portrait) illustration board, and affix the A4 size (landscape) entry sheet [C]to the lower half.
  • ③ Fold the A3 size (portrait) board inward into an A2 size and submit it.
  • Do not roll up or fold too small when submitting.

Entry sheet

Download entry sheet

The submission period has ended.

Special Notes

Special Notes on Design

  • The wallpaper product is rolled up with a width of 92 cm. Excessive 3dimensional design is not allowed.

  • When a specific material must be used, please note it in the entry sheet.

Rights and Regulations

  • Entries must be applicant’s original pieces that have not been announced both domestically and internationally.
  • Entries that have also been submitted in other contests or competitions shall not be accepted. In addition, the entry shall not be posted publically without the consent of the promoter.
  • All rights of the winning entry, including intellectual property rights in Japan and in all countries around the world, shall belong to the promoter and the entry applicant shall not exercise moral rights. Compensation for those rights shall be fulfilled with prize money.
  • As a general rule, the rights, such as intellectual property rights, for entries that did not win an award shall belong to the applicant. However, the rights related to exhibition or publication (excluding personal information about the entry applicant) shall be retained by the promoter.
  • If the entries and submitted materials (illustrations or images used therein) infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party (including infringement after entry), any award conferred may be withdrawn even after the results have been announced.
  • We take every possible measure for the management of entries submitted, however, the promoter shall not be liable in any way for damage or loss due to a disaster or other unforeseen accident.
  • Entries shall not be returned. When necessary, make a copy beforehand.
  • For minors, consent from a parent or guardian is required when receiving an award.

Privacy Policy

The personal information of the entry applicant shall be managed by Sangetsu Corporation and the Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Competition Office. The information shall only be used within the required scope to communicate for operations, provide news on related events and perform statistical processing.

Promoter: Sangetsu Corporation
Collaborator: Bamboo Media Co., Ltd.

<Click here to download the overview and the entry guidelines(PDF)>




Ryo Takarada

Ryo Takarada

Architect and CEO of the range design INC.

Takarada was born in Tokyo. He worked as the Creative Design Director for UDS Ltd., an architectural design firm, and then established the range design Inc. in 2016. He has been involved with architectural design and interior design in a broad range of fields, such as hotels, ryokans (traditional Japanese inns), apartment buildings, commercial facilities, and offices. Recently, he is expanding his range of activities in project planning production, design direction as well as product design with furniture and lighting. He is also taking on the challenge of creating spaces and architecture that give birth to new lifestyles. Some of his outstanding works include “Shinjuku Granbell Hotel,” “Hotel Emerald Isle Ishigakijima,” and “Cascade Harajuku.” He has received many awards such as the 31st Tokyo Architecture Award, being listed in the 40th Top 100 Hotels and Ryokans Selected by Professionals and the 2015 Good Design Award.


Shogo Kishino

Shogo Kishino

Graphic designer and CEO of 6D

Kishino was born in Tokyo. He worked at the Hiromura Design Office and then established 6D in 2007. His main works include the art direction for “KIRIN Brewery Owners Club” and the “Suntory Aichou (Bird conservation) activities,” the brand planning for “JA Minds” and “Toyota City” in Aichi Prefecture, sign planning for “NEWoMan” and “LUMINE0” as well as VI planning for “Yuki Sawaya,” a business dealing with the Japanese craft of silk cloth (known as Yūki-tsumugi) and for “HMV&BOOKS.” He has received many domestic and international awards, which mainly include the Cannes Golden Lion, the D&AD Yellow Pencil, the Silver in One Show, the Gold Award in the Design For Asia Awards, First Prize in SDA, JAGDA New Designer Award and an ADC Award. In 2016, he served as a judge for the D&AD Graphic Design Department. He currently works as an assistant professor in the Department of Design at Tokyo Polytechnic University.


Mitsuko Kuroda

Mitsuko Kuroda

Interior stylist, Laboratory office Mitsuko Kuroda

Kuroda became a magazine journalist as a member of the initial team that launched “Hanako” (Magazine House) in 1988. After working in editing for 7 years, she was mainly in charge of designing as well as editing, writing, and styling of interior-related articles mainly in magazines such as women’s and design magazines. She has been involved in styling commercial spaces, visual merchandising, concept works, interior and installations, advertisement styling, creating promotion tools, and editing business advertisement magazines, etc. She is known for her style that mixes in bright colors, and offers ideas that combine various elements, such as modern and antique. Her major recent works include a design collection for the IFFT interior lifestyle exhibition, interior styling for model homes for Hebel Haus Sofit, as well as interior direction and styling of TV commercials, posters and images for the Sajima Club, the Kamakura dining restaurant “Kogatei,” and the Panasonic Eco-Navi Campaign, “Fudan Premium.”